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Payment, Discount Codes & Promotions

I've received a discount code, where do I input it?

There is a ‘coupon code’ box in your basket. Copy & paste or type the coupon code into this box exactly as you have received it.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept a wide variety of payment options:

My payment has been declined but I'm not sure why?

We take fraud seriously, which may mean that sometimes genuine payments get declined due to the fraud rules that we have in place. If this happens, make sure that the billing address you are using matches the address that the card is registered to, a

How can I purchase a Made4Fighters Gift Certificate?

Please head to the gift certificate page. You can either email it directly to yourself and print it off, or email it directly the recipient.

How can I redeem my Made4Fighters Gift Certificate?

You need your unique gift certificate code, which is part of the gift certificate that was emailed to you as an attachment. Browse the store and add items to your cart as you normally would. Click the 'View Cart' link to view the contents of your sho

How can I check my gift certificate balance?

Head to the Gift Certificate page to check your balance. Please note you will need your unique gift certificate code.

I placed my order just before the item went on sale, can you refund the difference?

If your order is still ‘awaiting fulfilment’ we may be able to cancel and refund your order, and you can re-place the order using the offer or discount code. Please note that the stock will become available for all customers to purchase when we cance

Why am I being charged VAT?

VAT will be charged on all applicable orders and products, depending on your location. If you believe you are being charged incorrectly please check your billing information is correct. For example: If you live in the Channel Islands and you are bein